IMPORTANT NOTICE: Please call our office at 573-346-3262 to find out if it is a burn day.  A permit is required to burn.


Mid-County’s Fire Prevention Division provides code enforcement for the department.  This includes inspections for commercial and residential buildings, fire safety and docks; fire protection systems, public education and burn regulations. Public safety is the division’s main concern.

The Fire Prevention Division of the Mid-County Fire Protection District is responsible for all aspects of code enforcement.  These areas include but are not limited to: commercial and residential building inspections, fire safety inspections, dock inspections, fire protection systems, public education, and burn regulations.  All of these areas are based on the concerns of safety for the public.

Brush Fires

Brush Fire is considered a season in Mid-County Fire Protection District and depending on the weather conditions that season can arrive at any time of the year. Active brush fires demand enormous amounts of manpower, equipment and time. Brush Fires can continue for days endangering property, wildlife, and the many resources used to fight them. The lake area terrain brings added challenges in managing fighting brush fires ranging in size up to over 900 acres. Outside sources including Conservation, AmeriCorps and Statewide Mutual Aid are continuously used and welcomed by the inadequate quantity of staffing available here in our own District to fight these types of fires.

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